“For 31 years, Mr. Cooper has lived in fear of death by gas and, then, by lethal injection. Twice he has faced imminent execution, receiving last minute stays of execution for further exploration of his likely innocence. In AIDWYC’s opinion, to allow this state of affairs to continue constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. It surely damages the reputation of the State of California in the eyes of all right-thinking people around the world. If, as seems altogether possible, firm evidence of his factual innocence eventually emerges, his execution will leave a notorious stain on the State’s justice system.”

In April 2016, James Lockyer, Senior Counsel Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted, wrote a letter to Governor Jerry Brown in support of Kevin Cooper’s innocence.

Read the full letter:

2016-04-05 Letter from James Lockyer (AIDWYC)